Your substance abuse treatment center should treat you like the individual that you are. No one substance abuse problem is the same, so why should your treatment be a one size fits all solution? If you attend a substance treatment program, it’s important to do some research. You should have all the information before paying large amounts of money to participate in a program.

What Type of Substance Abuse Treatment Center is Right For Me?

group therapy session at a substance abuse treatment center Gurnee IL provides There a few questions that you need to ask yourself before signing up for any addiction treatment programs Gurnee IL provides. If you are thinking about going into a program that is going to take up most of the day or that you are going to live at, it is likely that you have probably gone through treatment programs in the past and they have not worked for you. Ask yourself, even write it all down:

  1. What treatment am I currently in
  2. What treatment have I done before
  3. Who is my substance abuse problem affecting
  4. Do I have a learning style
  5. What is my learning style
  6. How important to me is it to be sober

If you have been in treatment before, take a look at the types of things you participated in. If you went to a partial hospitalization program where you did non-specific group therapy for three hours, someone on one therapy, and then some activity, think about what didn’t work for you. Were you bored to tears the entire day, were there parts you found helpful?

For example, if you found group therapy to be the most helpful, think about joining a peer support group like AA or NA to start to connect and identify with people in the community that share the same problem you do. Sometimes peer support groups that work for you take time to find.

More About Your Substance Abuse Treatment Center Gurnee IL Offers

If you tend to be impatient and want to know everything right away when you learn, then think about going to a program that will toss a smattering of useful tools and skills your way that will help you to stay sober every day. People like this need to start with variety and then master the pieces that they find most helpful.

In AA and NA, they say that you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get and stay sober. If that means giving up Friday night drinks after the workweek with friends, then so be it and you need to let these things go. Not many people will go from being a full blown addict or alcoholic to sober and healthy without putting much work into it.

Knowing this tells you that if you don’t feel like you are working, then it’s probably not going to help in the long run and that you can’t just go home and rest on the laurels of rehab when it is over, you have to stay vigilant to remain sober.

What to Expect at a Treatment Center

A substance abuse treatment center Gurnee IL provides will have a selection of programs for you to choose from. Your choices will start with the amount of time you spend in treatment. If your attendance is not court ordered and decided for you, you can choose between:

If you have not been mandated to participate in one program or another, think about how conducive your current home life and environment is to your staying sober. Do you live with people that are using all of the time? Can you get the time off from work to do a residential program? What will your insurance cover?

You may also talk to your primary care physician or current therapist about what types of programs they think will work best for you. Your best bet is to be open-minded and do what you can to take things in stride as you embark a new journey to sobriety.

Finding a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for. Gateway Foundation Gurnee offers many levels of care at our substance abuse treatment center Gurnee IL trusts. Contact Gateway Foundation Gurnee today to find out about our various treatment programs at [Direct].