individuals reviewing the Gurnee rehab admissions processWhen drug addiction strikes your home or life, then rehab is a positive first step in the healing process. Many people may attempt to quit taking drugs on their own but are unsuccessful in their efforts. There is also risk associated with attempting to stop taking drugs on your own. Rehab intervention is a solution that offers hope and healing. The first step for rehab is an internal decision to seek help, then you can move forward with rehab admissions and insurance verification.

Finding a Facility

The rehab admissions process is similar to any other medical procedure admissions process. You may begin the process by finding a facility that will meet your needs with professionalism and experience. You can find out about the facilities in your area by visiting their website.

Find out more about their system, therapies, and programs. Once you determine this is the place for you, it’s time to start the rehab admissions process.

The Rehab Admission Process

Before you actually show up at the center’s location, you’ll want to call the place to find out more information. You’ll need to know about their availability, programs, and insurance acceptance.

During the Gurnee rehab admissions, the coordinator will ask you questions about the following:

  • Basic information about your name, address, and phone number
  • Medical issues
  • Mental health disorders
  • Current and past drug or alcohol use
  • Insurance information

The coordinator may discuss a few of the program options with you such as outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, or intensive outpatient program.

Insurance Verification 

Once it’s determined that you would make a good fit for the treatment center, the next step is to verify your insurance. The staff coordinator will contact the insurance provider and discuss how much coverage your plan will handle.

According to current healthcare legislation, all insurance providers must cover drug addiction treatment. The amount of the coverage varies depending on the details of your plan and your carrier.

Some insurance coverage may handle the bulk of the expense while others pay only a fraction of it, but they must cover it to some extent.

Whatever portion of the care is not covered by your insurance can be financed with the facility in some cases.

Entering Rehab

Once you enter the doors of the rehab treatment center, your healing journey begins. A treatment program coordinator will provide you with an assessment and work out a treatment plan for therapy and, if needed, withdrawal assisted management. You will meet with a licensed clinician who will guide you through what to expect.

You’ll meet others who are also in rehab. They will attend group therapy sessions alongside you. Many of the individuals are part of the recovery community, so they can share strategies for overcoming.

Introducing Gateway Foundation Gurnee and the Rehab Admissions Process

Welcome to our facility where medical professionalism meets compassionate, caring hearts. With the largest not-for-profit drug and alcohol treatment group in Illinois and the US, we are proud to provide our patients with superior service and personalized treatment.

Additionally, our wide range of therapies ensures patients receive the care to be successful in their healing journey. Our mission is to focus on the whole person, which is body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Our holistic approach reflects this.

Some of the therapies we offer include:

In conclusion, don’t let addiction problems interfere with your life. You can break free from any of these addiction issues by going to a quality drug rehab. In addition to the therapies offered above, we also offer commitment therapy, dual diagnosis therapy, and mindfulness sobriety. Get in touch with us to discuss rehab admissions. Contact Gateway Foundation Gurnee at [Direct], and we’ll get you on the road to recovery.