Drug and alcohol addiction is fairly common among the adult population in the United States. Over 15 million people attended rehabilitation programs for the problem just a couple of years ago. Rehab admissions are relatively simple; however, you should not let that stand in your way to becoming a clean and sober person that you want to be.

What Happens During Rehab Admissions?

group discussing the rehab admissions processAs stated above, admissions are the easy part of the process. Deciding on a place that you can go to get help is the hardest part. Rehabs are not all created equal. Finding one that suits you and your needs can be tough since the differences between rehabs are not always easy to understand from reading a website alone.

The admissions process will start with a phone call. If the website has an insurance verification box, you probably already used that to check if the rehab accepts your health insurance plan. After that, a good next step is to call the rehab and your insurer to find out exactly what services are covered.

After this you will likely call the rehab to find out:

  • More details about the addiction treatment programs you have an interest in
  • When programs start
  • If there are beds open
  • When you can come to visit
  • Maybe even get a rundown of the staff they have on hand
  • How they handle emergencies

The Rehab Admissions Process

The rehab admissions process will have a few critical and maybe annoying pieces to get together. Usually, you will want to have your:

  • Medical Records
  • Insurance Information
  • Payment Information
  • Your History With Your Substance of Choice
  • Your Mental Health History

If you set up all of your payment information ahead of time to be sure that everything is approved and covered you should be able to enter the rehab right away as long as they have open space for you. Getting through the admissions process is pretty simple. You are not applying to be accepted; they just need some background so that they know how to treat you and payment information best to ensure that they are paid.

Going to Rehab

Clear your schedule and pack your bags. Once you have been admitted, that is the next thing to do, unless you are already there. Have someone pick up the paper in front of your house or clear your mailbox for you, and water the houseplants. This is your time to focus on getting better, having a healthy body and mind so that you can live the best life possible.

Here is a list of items to bring with you to rehab:

  • Clothing- Don’t wear anything too uncomfortable, you will just be kicking around for however long you have signed up. You will probably want about a week’s worth of clothing
  • Toiletries- Most rehabs do not allow toiletries that have alcohol in them. Be aware of this when you are purchasing things like shampoo, shaving cream, etc., there is alcohol in most products
  • Medications- You will need to have enough of your prescribed medications to get you through your stay.
  • Stationary and stamps- Writing letters can help to fill downtime if you are at a rehab that restricts television and other media time.
  • Money- You may be able to purchase small snacks from a commissary, or a vending machine. Find out ahead of time what is the right amount of cash to bring with you. You don’t want a lot; otherwise, it could be stolen, since you will likely have very little privacy once at the rehab facility

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