There are many different types of Outpatient care, and plenty of clients do best in Outpatient addiction recovery programs. At Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, Illinois, clients can choose from a number of Outpatient options. A Partial Hospitalization program can deliver intensive support without accommodation. Explore the benefits of Partial Hospitalization and find out if it is the right choice for you or your loved one.

What Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Look Like?

Partial Hospitalization programs are the middle ground between Outpatient care and Residential care. They typically take place five or six days each week, and they are full-day programs. Unlike Residential care, Partial Hospitalization doesn’t include housing. It might, however, include social activities and meals in addition to therapy and treatment services.

A Partial Hospitalization program is only right for those who don’t need around the clock care. If there are medical problems that require constant monitoring, or if withdrawal symptoms are still severe, then a 24/7 environment is recommended. For everyone else, however, Partial Hospitalization can provide support and accountability on a daily basis.

Choosing PHP After Residential Care

In Residential Treatment programs, clients will have a schedule each day. This is more than just convenient: It is a tool in the journey to lifelong recovery. Having a schedule means that there are fewer choices and temptations to face each day. After residential care, however, some clients are overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in everyday living.

Think of Partial Hospitalization as a transition between residential programs and totally independent living. Each day, clients are still sticking to a routine. They have set schedules, although they do have more freedom in the evenings and overnight. This allows clients to adapt to independence without being too overwhelming.

When clients are ready to commit to addiction recovery, it is critical to think about the full continuum of care. While that might start with residential care, it doesn’t have to end there. Many clients will benefit from the step-down approach through a variety of addiction treatment programs, which studies show reduces the risk of relapse.

Taking Advantage of a Support System at Home

PHP works best when clients have a support system in place. After each day of Partial Hospitalization, clients will leave Gateway Foundation Gurnee and head back to their home. Clients who are living on their own will almost certainly have a harder time.

Although not necessary, clients who thrive in PHP tend to have family members or friends who are supportive and accessible. That might mean having companionship in the evening, or it might mean just having someone to talk to on the phone each day. Clients should recruit loved ones into this support system, and loved ones should reach out and ask how they can help during Partial Hospitalization Treatment.

What to Expect From Partial Hospitalization at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

A Partial Hospitalization program at Gateway Foundation Gurnee means having access to a long list of therapies and treatment methods. Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Gurnee is comprehensive, and we tailor plans of action to the needs of each individual client. Addiction therapy services take place throughout the day and in the evenings, creating a robust system of support and care for everyone. Some of the many therapies that you can expect during Partial Hospitalization include:

For many clients, a Partial Hospitalization program is an ideal step on the road to recovery. At Gateway Foundation’s location in Gurnee, Illinois, clients can commit to leading healthier, happier lives. Kickstart your journey to sobriety by calling 847.473.6233 right away.