To overcome addiction, it helps to have the support of medical professionals and addiction experts who can offer treatment as well as compassion. At an Outpatient Addiction Treatment center like Gateway Foundation Gurnee, clients can get comprehensive care without committing to Residential Treatment. Explore the benefits of Outpatient care and learn how to pick the perfect addiction treatment center for your own recovery.

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

a man smiles due to his experiences at an outpatient addiction treatment center in GurneeThe most obvious benefit of Outpatient Treatment is that it can help clients maintain their newfound sobriety. With regular support and accountability, it is easier to stay on track and continue down the path to health and happiness. Attending an Outpatient Addiction Treatment center is also favorable because it is less expensive than more intensive programs. Unlike residential care that includes housing costs, for example, Outpatient care is more affordable.

Another significant benefit of Outpatient Addiction Treatment is the flexibility that it offers. At an Outpatient Addiction Treatment center in Gurnee, you can continue with your desired lifestyle and still make time to commit to recovery. Whether you work, take care of family members, have community obligations, or take college classes, you can still add convenient Outpatient programs to your busy schedule. No one should have to choose between their recovery and their priorities in life.

What to Expect at an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

If you begin your treatment at Gateway Foundation Gurnee, then you can expect to start the recovery process with an intake evaluation. This is key because it helps each client understand what kind of program will be best for their recovery. Some clients might find that an all-day program like Partial Hospitalization is the best choice. Others might enjoy the more flexible treatment plans in Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient programs.

A typical Outpatient program asks that clients attend treatment sessions a few times each week. These sessions may last for just a few hours, which means that they can fit into an otherwise busy schedule. Nonetheless, these sessions will be packed with helpful educational classes, Individual Therapy, and group treatments. An Outpatient Addiction Treatment center can deliver comprehensive care that treats the whole person, not just their symptoms.

Finding the Right Place for Recovery

It is not hard to find an Outpatient Addiction Treatment center in any major city, and there are also plenty in small towns and suburbs, too. However, not all treatment facilities or programs are the same. If you’re looking for an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in Gurnee, ensure that there are programs that can accommodate your needs.

To start, find out if Dual Diagnosis Treatment is available. This allows clients with co-occurring disorders to get treatment that addresses both concerns at the same time. Whether a client struggles with a mental health disorder, has a history of trauma, or deals with any other secondary issue, this can help prevent relapse and give clients strength during recovery.

Then, find out if holistic therapies are available. Clients should also have access to ongoing alumni or community support programs, and integration with a 12-Step program is also immensely beneficial.

Seeking Sobriety at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, clients can choose from PHP, Outpatient care, and Intensive Outpatient Treatment. In all programs, addiction therapy services are available. Some of the many therapies that clients can benefit from include:

At an Outpatient Addiction Treatment center, clients have more flexibility in their recovery. Through the Gateway Foundation location in Gurnee, Illinois, you’ll be able to get on track to recovery. Fight back against addiction once and for all by calling 847.473.6233.