As there are many different kinds of people in the world, it makes sense that there are also many addiction recovery programs to choose from. An Intensive Outpatient Program can be the perfect fit for many clients. At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, you can embark on an Intensive Outpatient route to recovery.

What to Expect From an Intensive Outpatient Program

a woman smiles because of the difference an intensive outpatient program or IOP made in her lifeOne of the first questions clients have is how much time it will take to complete an Intensive Outpatient Program. First, it is essential to recognize that there is no exact timeline for addiction recovery. It can take a different amount of time from one addiction to the next and from one person to the next.

However, an Intensive Outpatient Program is one that will take place across several days each week. This is not a full-time program, and it does not include housing. Clients should expect sessions to last for a few hours at a time. These sessions may be in the morning, the afternoon, or even in the evenings after the traditional workday has ended.

IOP is such a convenient option for clients because it allows you to maintain your lifestyle. Some clients can combine recovery with their careers. Others juggle both school and addiction treatment during the week. For those with families, IOP provides a sense of balance and the opportunity to spend each night with loved ones in a secure, sober environment.

Utilizing Your Support System at Home

Anyone who is stable and no longer requires medical supervision can thrive in Intensive Outpatient care. However, IOP will almost certainly be more effective for those who have a support system at home. The more accountability that clients have in their lives, the lower the risk of relapse.

At the end of an IOP session, a client might drive or use public transportation to get home. If family members are there and waiting, then clients will need to head straight home. Instead of being tempted along the way, clients know they have love, support, and family waiting for them. While plenty of independent people are able to overcome addiction, there is no question that a support system makes the whole process much more manageable.

Using IOP For Co-Occurring Disorders

In IOP, clients will have access to the same therapies and treatment methods that are available in other rehab programs. One of the most effective of these methods is Dual Diagnosis Treatment. When clients struggle with more than one disorder at the same time, then Dual Diagnosis support might be necessary.

Co-occurring disorders are a lot more common than you might expect. Sometimes, addiction develops as a standalone disorder. In more cases, however, addiction develops alongside or because of a secondary condition.

As many as half of those individuals with mental illness will struggle with substance abuse. Addiction can develop because of trauma, and many people need Dual Diagnosis Treatment to resolve more than one issue at a time.

IOP Addiction Therapy Services at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, clients can participate in an Intensive Outpatient Program. Addiction treatment staff can help clients plan their route to recovery, and clients will have access to a wide range of addiction therapies. Some of the most effective addiction therapy services include:

Many clients find success and sobriety through an Intensive Outpatient Program. At Gateway Foundation’s location in Gurnee, Illinois, clients can get the support, help, and resources they need to work toward recovery. Call 847.473.6233 when you’re ready to get on track to a lifetime of sobriety with Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Gurnee.