During and after addiction treatment at Gateway Foundation Gurnee, clients will have the chance to become part of the Addiction Recovery Community. In addition to medical experts, counselors, and therapists, this community includes peers who are also going through the recovery process. One of the best things about being part of this community is that it doesn’t end once rehab is over. Instead, the recovery community continues to be a crucial part of client lives, and it even offers a way for clients to give back to others in recovery.

The Benefit of Peer Support During Treatment

a woman smiles because of the influence of our addiction recovery community and alumni programDuring recovery, addiction treatment staff can be a wealth of knowledge and an incredible resource. However, sometimes the best support comes from peers. Addiction can be lonely, so it means a lot to know that other people are going through a similar situation.

During outpatient programs at Gateway Gurnee, clients can participate in group meetings. The group therapy dynamic encourages clients to learn from one another and share stories, wisdom and coping mechanisms. Often, hearing about what works from a peer means more than hearing from an expert. The relationships that develop during treatment are the beginning of the Addiction Recovery Community, and they can last for a lifetime.

Alumni Program Events

Even when clients reintegrate into their normal lives after treatment, they often feel a close bond with people who complete rehab with them. This is normal, and staying in touch can be a great thing. That’s why alumni events exist.

Clients can take part in organized events specific to their Gateway Foundation location. If you attend addiction treatment programs in Gurnee, Illinois, you can get together with peers who participated in the same programs. Past events include cookouts, movie nights, and sporting events. As a bonus, these fun events are drug- and alcohol-free, making it easy to have a great time and still support your sobriety.

Ongoing Group Meetings

Clients can also remain part of the Addiction Recovery Community through ongoing group support meetings. Gateway Foundation Gurnee offers 12-step Integration programs to clients. Many clients would like to continue attending 12-step meetings long after rehab ends. Ongoing group meetings specifically for local alumni makes it easy to do so.

There are a number of specific group support meetings that clients can choose from. There are groups like 12-Step facilitation and SmartRecovery, among others. Clients also have the freedom to attend other group meetings in the region.

Giving Back to the Addiction Recovery Community

The Addiction Recovery Community also offers clients the chance to give back once they find sobriety. For many people, helping others through the recovery process is the ideal way to stay focused on what works. Through the alumni program, alumni can share their story with clients currently in recovery, volunteer at recovery events, and mentor those who are currently struggling with their sobriety. True recovery is about finding meaning and fulfillment, and giving back to the recovery community can do just that.

Start the Journey at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

Anyone who is ready to kickstart their journey to recovery can do so at the Gateway Foundation location in Gurnee, Illinois. With comprehensive addiction therapy services, clients can look forward to customized care and access to an ongoing alumni program. Some of the many addiction services available during treatment include the following:

Becoming part of the ongoing Addiction Recovery Community can be critical to your long-term strategy for sobriety. Begin that journey to community at Gateway Foundation Gurnee. When you’re ready to take the next step on your path to sobriety, call¬†847.473.6233.