No two clients have the same schedules or same recovery needs. Therefore, addiction treatment programs can’t be one size fits all. At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, multiple levels of care are available based on needs. Explore these programs and learn what to expect from addiction treatment in Gurnee.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A man is happy he has access to the addiction treatment programs and substance abuse programs at Gateway Foundation GurneeSubstance abuse programs don’t have to be 24/7 to offer clients daily support and accountability. A Partial Hospitalization Program can provide clients with a daily schedule and intensive treatment, but it doesn’t include accommodation. This is a step down from residential care, and it is suitable for all kinds of clients.

People in Partial Hospitalization tend to live at home, but they spend each day at Gateway Foundation. Having a routine allows clients to further develop healthy habits, which is a significant benefit on the road to recovery. For anyone who wants as much support as possible without overnight care, Partial Hospitalization is ideal.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

One step down from Partial Hospitalization is an Intensive Outpatient program. Intensive Outpatient care works well for those who want daily support, but who don’t want to spend all day in treatment. Although schedules can be customized, IOP typically takes place several days each week.

Generally, an IOP session is a few hours or a half day. During that time, clients can expect to participate in a variety of therapy sessions and treatments. However, shared meals and accommodation are usually not part of the schedule. IOP addiction treatment programs are ideal for anyone who is living with their family and has a strong support system waiting for them at home.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs

Step down one more level from IOP and you’ll get to outpatient care. Some clients use this treatment program as a transition level before beginning totally independent living. It is a great way to get continual support and care without committing your entire schedule to addiction treatment.

Some clients who opt for Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Gurnee attend school, or they are eager to get back to their careers. Outpatient sessions can also take place in the evening, allowing clients to be at the office or take classes as well.

Parents also appreciate the flexibility of outpatient care. If you’re looking after children or any other family members, you can continue to help loved ones while making your own health and recovery a priority for several hours each week.

What All Addiction Treatment Programs Have in Common

Whatever addiction treatment programs clients choose, they should expect the same level of care and support throughout the recovery process. The same types of therapy are available across all programs. Plus, all clients can look forward to customized treatment. If certain therapies are more helpful than others, clients can spend more time focusing on those therapies.

All clients will have access to recovery resources. In addition, all clients can take advantage of dual diagnosis support as needed. All substance abuse programs cater to the needs of clients, and the goal is always the same: Lifelong health, sobriety, and fulfillment.

Begin Recovery at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Gurnee offers clients unparalleled treatment and support. Overcoming addiction is challenging, but access to these incredible resources can help. Whatever addiction treatment programs clients choose, they can expect therapies such as:

Choosing the right addiction treatment programs can set you up for successful sobriety. Through Gateway Foundation’s Gurnee, Illinois, location, you can find the right program for your recovery. Take back control over your life and your future by calling 847.473.6233 to learn more.