No one should ever have to overcome addiction alone. During addiction treatment, patients will have contact with medical professionals, counselors, and addiction experts. However, sometimes the best support comes from peers. That’s one reason that group therapy is a major part of Outpatient care at Gateway Foundation Gurnee.

Group Therapy Helps Patients Feel Less Alone

A woman stands up to speak in a group therapy sessionAddiction is an isolating disease. Before patients receive treatment, they might feel overwhelmed by the recovery process. During Outpatient Treatment programs, patients will have opportunities several times each week to be around others. However, some patients still struggle to feel understood.

Group therapy often shows patients that they are not alone. In fact, attending just a few group sessions will reveal that most patients have a lot in common. Multiple people often share problems that seem unique. This can be comforting because it shows that other people are going through similar situations.

When patients know they aren’t alone, it’s easier to move forward. The group dynamic is a space without judgment, and it is a wonderful opportunity to see just how much you have in common with others. Often, the friendships that develop in therapy last for years.

Opportunities to Improve Communication

There are two significant obstacles to communication during recovery. First, patients might struggle to communicate while sober. Second, patients might lack the confidence to speak their minds without fear of judgment. Group counseling and therapy can address both of these issues.

Group therapy allows everyone a turn to talk. When one person is speaking, everyone else needs to listen. Since everyone will have a chance to talk at some point, if they wish, it is easy for everyone to follow the rules and adhere to the program protocol.

Speaking in front of a crowd, even just a small one, can be a big confidence booster. Many patients will have an easier time out in the real world after only a few group counseling sessions. Patients will also improve their listening skills, which makes them better friends, family members and employees.

Access to Peer Accountability

Attending an Outpatient program at Gateway Foundation Gurnee means there are several levels of built-in accountability. However, one of the most meaningful and effective motivators is peer support. When you know that your fellow patients are expecting you to stay on track, then you have an extra reason to remain sober.

There is a reason that so many recovery groups celebrate each day of sobriety. It feels good to have a room full of people express their pride. Most patients don’t want to disappoint their peers. If temptations arise, just knowing that tomorrow is another group meeting might be enough to say no and avoid the risk of relapse.

Ongoing Care Through 12-Step Integration

Not all patients want or need the 12-Step program. However, it has proven to be effective for millions in the past. It can also be a great way to establish a plan for after rehab ends because 12-step programs are an obvious choice for aftercare.

Outpatient programs at Gateway Gurnee offer 12-Step Facilitation. This means that patients can start to get familiar with the 12-step program and even attend meetings as part of their addiction treatment. Once formal treatment ends, it is easy to phase right into local support groups that follow the 12-step format. Being a part of local recovery groups in the community is a long-lasting way to stay on track toward sobriety.

Peer Support and Therapy at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

Group therapy is just one of the ways that patients at Gateway Foundation Gurnee can overcome addiction. There is plenty of support available from professionals as well as peers, and patients can become part of an ongoing Recovery Community. This is all in addition to a wide range of addiction therapy services, just some of which include:

Through group therapy, patients can remember what it is like to be part of a supportive community. Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, Illinois, makes it easier for patients to stay connected and on track. Call [DirectNumber] when you’re ready to embrace recovery once and for all.