Far too many people believe that they have to get through addiction treatment on their own. In reality, there is a big support system that can help. For many patients, that support system includes family members. Through family therapy, patients and their loved ones can reconnect, communicate better, and work toward overall wellness for the entire family.

Rebuilding Damaged Relationships

a couple participates in family therapyAddiction can wreak havoc in a number of ways. A drug or alcohol addiction can cause physical health problems, emotional problems, and it could even destroy your career. However, one of the worst side effects of addiction is that it can damage your close relationships.

Fortunately, family therapy is one way to rebuild those damaged relationships. It is common for those who struggle with addiction to lie, steal, or withdraw from family members. Family members, in turn, might get angry, or they might stop trying to reach out because they don’t know what else to do.

Therapy addresses these concerns and opens up the channels of communication. In most cases, patients are grateful that their family members are there. Family members often just want to show their love and support. Bringing this all to the table can make everyone involved feel better.

Ending Enabling

Even when family members want to help someone overcome addiction, they can create new and bigger problems. In particular, family members might enable individuals to continue with substance abuse. Although this comes from a place of caring, enabling addictive behavior only worsens the condition. That’s why therapy can show family members the difference between caring and enabling.

Caring might be staging an intervention or driving someone to rehab. Enabling is lending them money when they call to say they can’t pay their rent. Caring is letting someone know that their addiction is dangerous. Enabling is lying to friends to defend the actions of someone addicted to drugs.

Often, there is a blurred line between caring and enabling. During family counseling and education sessions, family members can start to understand some of the ways that they can be the most helpful.

Understanding What Recovery Looks Like

During addiction treatment, patients will learn that addiction is a disease. It is not a choice, but it does require effort when you’re ready to end the addiction once and for all. Many family members don’t understand what recovery looks like, or how much work it can take. Through family therapy, families will start to see the reality of the entire recovery process.

When family members see how challenging recovery is, they might be more willing to help. They may also have a newfound appreciation for their loved one’s commitment and desire for sobriety. This is especially true in Outpatient programs because many patients spend quite a bit of time each day with their families. Seeing them in therapy opens up a new dynamic and can bring families closer together with the goal of recovery.

Preventing the Cycle From Continuing

Many different factors can contribute to the development of an addiction. While these factors can be individual, they can also be factors that apply to the whole family.

Often, there is a genetic component to addiction. This means that certain individuals and their families may have a predisposition to developing a dependence on drugs or alcohol. If family members learn about this in therapy, they are less likely to struggle with substance abuse in the future.

In addition, some patients may have traumas in common with their family. Addressing these traumas in a group setting can help everyone involved. Knowing the risks, and how to treat them, can prevent addiction.

Family Therapy at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

Family therapy can be a vital component of the Outpatient programs at Gateway Foundation in Gurnee. By involving families, patients can have a stronger, more dependable support system at home. In addition to family therapy sessions, recovery at Gateway Foundation Gurnee includes all of the following:

For many patients, family therapy can make recovery easier. At Gateway Foundation in Gurnee, Illinois, family members are invited to participate in many programs, therapy sessions, and events. To begin your journey to recovery today, call [DirectNumber].