There is no single treatment method for addiction recovery. To break free from a drug or alcohol addiction, it may mean trying out several types of therapy. At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, clients can expect a wide range of addiction therapy services. This variety allows each client to find their best route to lifelong recovery.

Behavioral Therapy

a woman is happy with the variety of addiction therapy services at Gateway Foundation GurneeDuring addiction recovery, it is common for clients to struggle with negative mindsets and even self-destructive behaviors. Nonetheless, it is essential for clients to target those issues and reframe them into a more positive mindset. Behavioral therapies can be incredibly useful for these goals.

Two major types of Behavioral Therapy can be helpful during rehab. The first is CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is an approach that seeks to get rid of the all-or-nothing mentality. It points out any negative patterns of behavior, and it shows clients how to cope with triggers rather than giving in to them.

Another kind of Behavioral Therapy is DBT, or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. This form of therapy helps clients learn to regulate their emotions. Feeling overwhelmed, scared, or lonely can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to lead to relapse.

Family Therapy

There are plenty of examples of men and women who can recover from addiction without the help of family members. However, having the support of your family can make the entire process far more manageable. Through Family Therapy, clients can rebuild their relationships with loved ones. Plus, family members can learn more about addiction, codependency, and how best to support someone who is overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction.

Motivational Interviewing

Another one of the Addiction Therapy Services that can be beneficial in rehab is motivational interviewing. Clients should always understand why they are working toward lifelong sobriety. Motivational interviewing asks key questions and encourages the client to be proactive in their recovery. It helps clients develop a plan for the future and then make changes that will get them to their goals.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There is a close link between mental health and addiction. In as many as half of all addiction cases, clients also struggle with some form of mental health disorder. Often, clients will require Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Addiction Therapy Services for those with co-occurring disorders isn’t much different from any other program. However, therapies will aim to address both addiction and mental illness at the same time. This helps clients achieve total wellness, which will serve them better in the long run.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Many clients require Medication-Assisted Treatment while in treatment. This is especially true for clients who struggle with addictions to alcohol and opiates. MAT can be a great support option for individuals in this situation, as it is proven to help people find and maintain recovery.

Of course, anyone that utilizes MAT in recovery needs to be under regular medical supervision. Having this oversight ensures compliance, health, and safety. These medications can make recovery easier and reduce the risk of relapse.

Addiction Therapy Services at Gateway Foundation Gurnee

At the Gurnee location of Gateway Foundation, addiction treatment staff are on hand to help clients achieve recovery. From a comprehensive recovery program to a wide range of addiction therapy services, Gateway Foundation Gurnee covers all the bases for clients ready for sobriety. To help clients achieve their goals whatever their schedule, there is a range of recovery programs available. These include:

Thanks to a varied list of Addiction Therapy Services, you can fight back against addiction once and for all. At Gateway Foundation’s location in Gurnee, Illinois, clients can get help, support, and resources for continued sobriety. Change your life for the better by calling¬†847.473.6233.