Addiction treatment is useless if it’s not convenient for the people who need it. Of course, the best way to get people to commit themselves to treatment is to make it as accessible as possible. At Gateway Foundation Gurnee, these two beliefs are at the core of our offerings. However, what about Gateway Foundation Gurnee is different from other outpatient treatment centers?

How Gateway Foundation Advances Recovery

a woman looks happy after learning about Gateway Foundation GurneeOur Gurnee treatment center is part of a larger family of facilities, known as Gateway Foundation. With this name comes over 50 years of addiction treatment experience. As a leader in our field, Gateway guarantees the highest level of care to all of our clients.

The compassionate, comprehensive care that Gateway provides extends to each of our locations, including Gurnee. If you know nothing else about Gateway Foundation Gurnee, know to expect compassionate, individualized, evidence-based care.

What Programs and Therapies Does Gateway Foundation Gurnee Offer?

Gateway Foundation Gurnee is an exclusively Outpatient Treatment Center. We offer different levels of Outpatient care, from Partial Hospitalization to Intensive Outpatient to traditional Outpatient Addiction Treatment programs. Our addiction treatment programs provide flexible scheduling, with evening groups and appointments available.

All treatment plans at Gateway approach addiction treatment from a dual diagnosis perspective. Addiction rarely happens in a vacuum. For this reason, our staff assesses each client for possible mental illnesses, traumas, and behavioral issues that can contribute to substance abuse problems. Then, they make sure to address these issues during the course of treatment.

Clients in each of our programs have access to the full spectrum of our addiction therapy services; the only thing that changes is the amount of time spent at the facility. Our therapeutic offerings include the following:

A treatment plan can feature some or all of the above modalities. Of course, it all depends on what each client needs and responds to the most. For example, 12-Step programs are not always the best fit. However, we know that it is an evidence-based, effective method, so we make it available for those that it could benefit.

Who Needs Outpatient Care?

Outpatient Treatment can be a fantastic option, but it is not the right choice in every situation. In some cases, Residental Treatment can be a better starting point. If you’re unsure of where to begin with treatment, then we can provide you with a free confidential consultation to explain all of your options.

Find Out More About Gateway Foundation Gurnee

The engaging addiction treatment staff at Gurnee is passionate about helping clients transform into their best selves. With our team behind you, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. For more information about Gateway Foundation Gurnee, reach out to us. Start your recovery journey by calling 847.473.6233 now.